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Scheduling a Wedding Menu Tasting

We’re picking up this blog by kicking off the series with how to ensure the your food selections will taste and look great from our last post.  We cannot cover all the reasons to have a food tasting but here are a few things you should be aware of before scheduling a wedding menu tasting. If you’re searching for affordable Philadelphia caterers or King of Prussia Caterers for an upcoming wedding reception this fall, winter, or even next year, call Tasty Table Catering!

3 Great Reasons Why Wedding Menu Tasting Is Important

1st – The Right Options

Making the right menu selections can be a tough even for those self-proclaimed foodies. Today there are many delicious options from stations to family style to plated that most food lovers will want to learn and possible taste what each would look and taste like.  The problem comes when you choose certain foods that just clash and really don’t mesh well. Scheduling a wedding menu tasting with an award winning caterer, like Tasty Table Catering, can ensure that all of your reception food items will taste great together.

2nd  – Your Guests Matter Too

Yes, the newly proclaimed Vegan or Vegetarian cannot be forgotten.  Many guest have specifics taste too, so even though you like extremely spicy foods, you might want to consider a cooler options for those that just can’t take the heat. Be sure to talk to your catering company during your menu tasting about  balance and options that will appeal to more of your guests.

3rd – Stress Reducer

Another important reason that a menu tasting is such a good idea is because it can reduce a big load of stress. Planning a wedding is not easy, then added a 200 guest reception and stress rises like a thunder storm especially when you’re facing so many unknowns.  A wedding menu tasting will eliminate that. You’ll know and trust that you’re making great food decisions.

Our next post will finish this series on wedding menu tastings.   In the next post, we will be discussing a few ideas that will help you be better prepare for your tasting session. If you’re looking for the best wedding catering in Philadelphia, King of Prussia or Wayne, please keep reading to learn how calling Tasty Table Catering can save you time and money with a free menu tasting.


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