Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas For 2017

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Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas For 2017

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Valentine’s Day Weddings

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a wedding. It’s so romantic, getting hit by cupid’s arrow and you’ll marry the love of your life. Everyone dreams of a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, but you have to be realistic to make it come true. A Valentine’s Day wedding leaves you with same old common wedding details. You can refresh those stale ideas of the over-done heart shaped cake with red adornments.  You want your Valentine’s Day Wedding to be unique and reflective of your new and fresh love.  You want your wedding to be unique and stand apart from “traditional” Valentine’s Day weddings.

You want your wedding day to be a unique and awesome of your love to begin your “happily ever after”.  And on that special day, your anniversary will never be forgotten.  Here are some ideas that will help you achieve your goals.
A Day of Romance
You want to have a beautifully crafted décor. Remember, it’s all in the details. Use the décor to make the setting quiet, intimate and romantic. A candlelight ceremony can accomplish this. Since Valentine’s Day is in one of the coldest months in the Northeast, you can use candles and fireplaces to get that ambiance you want for you and your guests. This should be followed with your décor which should be warm and inviting. Right down to the flower arrangements.

Wedding Caterers for Valentines Day


Romantic Flowers
Roses are red, and everyone think of the Rose as the flower of love. There are other options. Orchids and a beautiful Lily can strut their stuff during the winter season. Tropical arrangements like anthurium or orchids are also good choices. Orchids represent love, strength and beauty. They are romantic and an excellent alternative to the traditional red rose for Valentine’s Day and can add a colorful and exotic mix to your floral arrangements.

Lilies are also a great alternative. They are synonymous with purity and innocence. A perfect choice is the Red Peruvian Lily, which is a mixture of red heart-shaped petals with a hint of yellow.

Cupid is normally represented as a red chubby figure with a red arrow. Red is almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day. But you can throw away all the “red” and choice another color choice. Mixing red and pinks together is an excellent choice. Blending these two color together can create a look that is unistably Valentine’s Day. Your décor for the wedding dinner can be alternate plates and dinnerware to contrast the colors at each seat to get that “Wow” factor. Your love, perfectly represented!

Wedding Caterers for Valentines Day

The contrast will be so romantic.

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