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Doing Thanksgiving Right: Our Tips & Tricks

We’re less than a week away from the best food holiday of the year!!!

This Thanksgiving, it might be in your best interest to try some new things – without destroying tradition. Typical traditions like breaking the wishbone or watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade aren’t as celebrated as they once were. Instead, in traditional 2017 fashion, we’re looking for new and exciting ways to spruce up Thanksgiving. It’s our belief that a couple of new routines can spice up your holiday and inspire more family excitement this time around. For our readers, we’ve compiled a variety of different tips and tricks for your next Thanksgiving celebration.

Try out some Thanksgiving-themed snacks:

Yes, we all love a good Pumpkin Spice latte, but there’s plenty of other fun Thanksgiving and fall-themed foods and treats to entertain your family and friends. Here’s a couple of different themed treats you might want to try or offer your guests this holiday.

Most recently, Pringles launched their Thanksgiving dinner themed flavor pack of chips, the “Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner“. Available for a short time only, “each Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner contains a tray of the mouth-watering crisps fans know and love in eight new Thanksgiving themed flavors: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese and Pumpkin Pie.” That’s a whole lot of flavor! We’re still waiting to try them ourselves, but you can find them in most grocery stores for a limited time.

Much like Pringles, jelly bean monsters Jelly Belly recently unveiled their own holiday gift box. For 5.99, you can order the flavor pack directly from their website. Flavors in their gift mix include Candy Cane, Cranberry Sauce, Egg Nog, Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie. These might be a little easier to swallow than the Pringles, but are also available for a limited time! Jelly beans are a great treat for kids and adults alike, and look great setup in a nice display dish during your family’s Thanksgiving (and other holiday) activities.

A personal favorite that shows up in the bread and baked good aisles at our local grocery stores every holiday season is Little Debbie’s Pumpkin Delights. These soft, delicious cookies taste just like homemade pumpkin pies in a bite-size portion. Great for snacking or an easy, no-effort dessert.

Keep the wine cheap to keep your budget low:

Nothing like a little bit of wine to brighten the spirits of your guests (literally?). Orange Coast Magazine posted an article yesterday with a list of eight wines for under $20. While author Valory Reed loved to experiment with new wines, her family stuck to their traditional favorites. The repertoire of juices she’s provided are family picks but all high quality at a small price. Likewise, you can stick to your favorite cheaper brands – Yellow-tail, Barefoot, or keep it boxed!

Give vegetarian and vegan dishes a chance

Places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are offering vegan alternatives for Thanksgiving celebrations. Instead of the traditional main course, the turkey, Whole Foods offers a gardein holiday roast – meatless turkey. Instead, it’s stuffed with kale, cranberries and wild rice. Other fixings are included as well, such as mustard-glazed cauliflower, sauerkraut-roasted rainbow carrots, mushroom lentil stuffing, and vegan cheesy potatoes. 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free for those who are interested. As people begin to turn away from animal products, these are great and experimental new options for a more modern dinner. Other replacements to your traditional fair exist as well, like sweet potato pixie pie (instead of gluten-based pies), vegan scalloped potatoes (no dairy-based egg, cheese or butter), wild mushroom gravy, cornbread stuffing, cauliflower turkey (cauliflower is a great substitute for chicken – no kidding!), vegan stir-fry – the options are endless!

Savor the food, but pay respect to your health

This article from Marketing Insider has a great anagram, “P.R.O.M.I.S.E.”. They’ve broken down some personal health responsibilities to pay attention to during your Thanksgiving: Prepare to eat your large meal by upping your usual exercise routines. Don’t allow yourself to derail from your diet goals thanks to a one-time splurge. Thanksgiving leftovers are a tradition in themselves, so don’t feel bad about not finishing something since you’ll be able to enjoy it the entire rest of the following week.

It’s important to remember that part of your traditions doesn’t have to be the uncomfortable bloating feelings that follow your big meals. Instead, being cautious of overeating and respecting proper portion sizes will give you a better feeling in your stomach and make for a more enjoyable holiday evening.

Don’t forget about the family

With all the cooking, cleaning and prepping you may be doing, it’s easy to lose sight of what the holiday is about: the family! Invest time in conversation, and try trading off shifts with one another to handle responsibilities. Everyone deserves a chance to sit down and relax during the day. The last thing you want is to miss out on quality time, especially when visitors might’ve traveled (or maybe you traveled yourself).

We here at Tasty Table Catering even developed a great deal of a package, dinner for 10, which we’ve documented on our blog a couple of weeks ago! If you’re located around Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Main Line or even in Chester County, we’re your premiere catering company for an excellent Thanksgiving feast. Just leave the cooking to us! You can click here to check out the blog we posted on October 27th.

Don’t forget the kids! There’s a ton of time to let them run around and ruin everything, and that’s fine, but why not delegate some sort of activities to keep them busy? Even if you don’t have any fun technology like the new Nintendo Switch or an iPad to keep them busy, there’s a ton of excellent craft ideas that will keep children busy while the adults handle their dinner and alcohol. This video by Youtuber Home2day provides 17 different crafting activities that are as inexpensive as they are enjoyable.

…and don’t forget about Black Friday, either!

For the shopper in all of us, there’s no day quite as exhilarating as Black Friday. It’s a day filled with commotion, controversy, and crazy deals. A lot of big box stores open their doors on Thanksgiving Day, or at midnight the following night. Whenever you decide to go, it’s smart to look out for the best deals and also how to avoid the pandemonium safely.

Of course, your info news source is a great source for all of the upcoming deals. Boasting a variety of leaked advertisement scans, news on deals for specific products and updates on any changes, this site is a great resource to help you plan your attack route. If you’re looking for something specific, the site even boasts a search feature, great for someone like me looking to find a great deal on the Nintendo Switch this holiday season.

If you’re looking for a new Apple product for a loved one (or yourself) this holiday season, Forbes has composed an excellent article on Apple product Black Friday deals. Their recommendation? Avoid the Apple store altogether, and instead hit the big electronics retailers like Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

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