Summer Wedding or Winter Wedding?

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Summer Wedding or Winter Wedding?

Here at Tasty Table Catering, we’ve always got wedding catering orders in no matter the time of year. Seeing these different weddings spread amongst the calendar year, the different seasons usually mean different types of weddings. For those who might be engaged but unsure of when to tie the knot, we’ve acquired some of the important factors when deciding between a summer or winter wedding.

For starters, the weather will be the most prominent factor. While a summer wedding provides the opportunity for an outdoor wedding, it always comes with its risks. Planning a wedding far in advance means that the weather could potentially change. It could get hotter, it could rain or storm, and it could be humid. In the event of a planned outdoor wedding, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case of these weather follies. A winter wedding seems to guarantee an indoor wedding, which completely reduces and eliminates a lot of stress with planning. You lose the risk of humidity, rain or wind. While you’re required to stick yourself and your wedding party inside a venue, it might be preferable despite losing the beauty of nature.

Given that summer weddings are at a time when most people plan their vacations, guest availability is a huge differentiating factor when deciding between seasons. A summer wedding means that there’s a greater availability for your guests, who are able to plan for the wedding ahead of time and outside of the winter, when time is more divided across family and loved ones. The only arguable point is that a winter wedding means cheaper travel (less vacations).

The perks of the seasons are an important factor too. Winter weddings are around the holidays, so the holiday decor is often a great additive to the wedding’s theme. In events where you’re wearing a full suit, the groom and his groomsmen will enjoy not sweating through their suit within the first hour. As for summer weddings, there’s a general optimistic feeling that comes with the summer and warm weather. It’s “wedding season” for a reason, and brighter, vibrant colors are more welcome in decor. Given the potential heat, it’s also a fun change of pace when the wedding party decides to differ from the regular wedding attire. Why wear a full suit when you can work shorts into a more alternative form of formal wear?

These factors were first-to-mind when deciding when to hold a wedding, and we haven’t even begun to discuss the spring and fall! The weather might be much more unpredictable, yet the temperature is much closer to the middle, which is perfect for outdoor weddings as well. 

Whenever you decide to have your wedding, consider the factors but focus more on choosing a date that is important to the two of you. Your guests and the other factors will work themselves out. A wedding is about a celebration and the bringing together of two people in holy matrimony. Our only major advice? Leave the food to us.

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