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How to Have A Successful Wedding Menu Tasting

Welcome back! We’ve been talking at length about why wedding menu tastings are important. Click here to jump back to part one and here for our last post. In today’s blog we will be slightly shifting gears. Below you’ll find some helpful tips that will make your wedding menu tasting session a success. Keep reading to learn more. Do you need quality wedding catering in the Philadelphia or surrounding counties? Call Tasty Table Catering for fresh food, great flavors, fantastic customer service, and even better prices.

Making Your Wedding Menu Tasting Successful

Be Informed

Tasty Table Catering is not like other catering companies. We do not charge for our wedding menu tastings. However, many of our competitors do. Do not assume that this service is free if you’re using a different vendor.

Be Prepared

Know beforehand if any of your reception guests have food allergies or special dietary needs. This is important information that your catering vendor will need to know. Also, it’s a great idea to come to your tasting with a list of questions and other important information you want to discuss or share with your caterer. The goal should be to make the best use of your time. The more prepared you are, the more your wedding catering vendor will be able to help you make decisions.

Don’t Show Up Alone

Make sure your fiancé joins you during your menu tasting appointment. This is a part of the wedding planning where your vendor will want input from both of you. It is also fairly common for brides to invite their parents and in-laws. Just be aware that having too many opinions present could get confusing.

Take Notes

Be sure you bring a pad and pen so that you can take notes during your tasting. These notes will be extremely helpful at the end when you have to make your final decisions. Be sure to write down how things tasted, the presentation, etc.


Don’t be afraid to share your feedback with your caterer. Your feedback is very important to ensuring your food is prepared and presented to your liking. Do not worry about hurting your catering vendor’s feelings either. We’re professionals and we expect your tastes to be different.

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