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How Millennials Aren’t Killing Weddings

There seems to be a trend of writing something about millennials and “killing” things. We’ve seen endless articles proposed by journalists and blog writers alike about how different industries, cultural trends and even Applebee’s are all losing momentum because the current generation just isn’t feeling it anymore. This whole trend of millennial culture shifting is brilliantly summarized in a comedic MarketWatch article by Kari Paul. It’s a fair assumption to insinuate that they aren’t working the system the same way anymore, when things like home-ownership and a fancy wedding are no longer as easily attainable as they once were.

Although Paul’s article argues that weddings are in fact a dying art form to millennials, it’s not because they’re killing love as well, but more-so because it’s difficult to afford a fancy wedding. It’s much less attainable at a younger, less-experienced age to make enough money to afford all of the services necessary for someone’s special day. This lack of funding keeps budgets low and has forced younger couples to opt instead for smaller functions.

Despite the size of the wedding, it’s obvious that people are still getting married, and that millennials (just like generations before them) are trying to handle things affordably. What’s most fascinating is the new ways that weddings (and many social events in general) have adapted to the culture shift to make up for former, traditional factors. The following list elaborates just how millennials are doing the opposite of killing weddings, and instead revolutionizing how modern weddings can be enjoyed. These tips might even inspire you or someone you know to try something new when their special day arrives!

  • Capitalize on your guests’ social media usage with a hashtag and Snapchat Geofilters.
    When promoting your wedding, coming up with a clever and original hashtag can provide an outlet for your guests to direct your event’s content. 2017 newlyweds Joey and Brittany, Philadelphia, PA, coined the hashtag #broeybliss by combining their own names into a spoonerism, which made for a memorable tag for guests to link their posted pictures and videos. As Snapchat continues to hold the reigns as one of the most popular social media platforms, it was only a matter of time before it developed a monetized Geofilter program. A Geofilter is a “creative overlay that capture where you are or what you’re up to in a Snap!” Essentially, when scrolling through filters and borders assigned to a location, you’re able to design your own. These can be purchased through Snapchat directly starting at $5, but allow your guests to customize their wedding pictures on Snapchat and show other people what they’re up to in style.
  • Hipster Wedding

  • Immerse your guests in pop culture & individuality.
    Star Wars themed wedding photographs. Super Mario and Princess Peach wedding cake toppers. Game of Thrones themed wine glasses. Whatever your fancy is, there’s certainly a wedding-related prop or decoration that adds a touch of individuality to your wedding. Browsing Etsy is a great place to find homemade gifts and decor that might fit your theme and are usually within budget. Most of the goods on Etsy are homemade, and customization is often possible as well. Simply searching “wedding” presented interesting results: custom wedding invitations, beer cozys, bridesmaid robes, table number toppers, and more! All of these gifts are affordable and stylish, and can be designed to fit the decor of the event.
  • Reconsider your music choices.
    Imagine being at the reception of a wedding and not hearing the Electric Slide. Instead, consider this: Smooth modern jazz during dinner, and great modern dance music for the party. With an endless supply of music available on hundreds of platforms, there’s no reason why millennial weddings are accepting the same old song and dance. Instead they’re looking at alternative ways to present their aesthetic. If it isn’t live music, there’s covers and remixes of most of your favorite classic ballads and famous melodies. At Lindsay and David’s 2014 wedding in King of Prussia, PA, they ditched conventional music during the ceremony and instead went for a soft acoustic soundtrack of re-imagined electronic music. While older generations could appreciate the relaxing atmosphere the music provided, the twenty-somethings were frequently turning to one another and nodding along to recognizable melodies.
  • Skip the usual for what you really want.
    Referring back to the Electric Slide one more time, millennial weddings are rooted in their variations from the norm. Not only is it no longer as important to obey traditional wedding tropes, but new and creative wedding concepts are popping up on your Facebook newsfeed all the time. Repurposing vintage glamour, according to an article on Bridal Guide, enables the usage of obnoxious decoration and adds a cheap and effective form of whimsical charm. Likewise, craft beer and vegan-friendly desserts appeal to both the hipsters and the older generation, as they’re food products that can be enjoyed by anyone (Well, of-age adults when we’re talking craft brews). Food trucks have become caterers as well, even if we’re not necessarily on board with that one. Recently, we had the pleasure of catering a beautiful zoo wedding, an excellent example of an alternative wedding. In between generic wedding fares, guests were persuaded to explore the zoo and check out the animal displays. An original wedding will always make for an unforgettable experience for both the wedding party and the guests.
  • Ball out on a budget.
    All millennials are broke, that’s the consensus and most of us find it hard to disagree. There’s a variety of ways you can keep your events small or minimal while still giving it that maximized feel. It’s about the execution, not the budget.

We can’t speak for every single millennial, nor can we justify or denounce what people insinuate they’re actually killing. We’re simply a family-friendly and wedding-centric catering company from Berwyn, Pennsylvania. We can only hope to offer you the best prices and excellent service you’d want from a small business catering company. So if you’re looking for great service and delicious food that even a millennial could afford, look no further than your friends at Tasty Table Catering!


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