Ideas That Make A Holiday Party Great for Any Generation

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Ideas That Make A Holiday Party Great for Any Generation

There is definitely a difference in the tastes and habits of baby boomers, Generation X and Y, to the millennials.

Tasty Table Catering modifies and adapts to the needs of each generation through catering to a diverse group of clients.  In order to meet the unique needs of clients, we customize our menu to ensure your holiday party is a success. By having a diverse menu, we put a smile on the faces of all generations.

Just as the theme in technology is to “know your user”, this is important when choosing an appropriate menu for a diverse group of people.  Know your audience, and make sure you get a customized menu to please all of them.  From corporate catering, weddings, social events (backyard pool parties, barbecue’s, or casual office parties), your menu must please everyone’s taste buds.

Two generations exert major influence on the food industry today — baby boomers, aged 48 to 67, for their sheer numbers and millennials, aged 20 to 35, for their changing attitudes toward food.

The first generation to grow up with the Internet, Millennials rely on technology for everything they do.  This generation uses technology to shop for a caterer or plan for an event. They are used to instant gratification, so they want a quick response.  From venues to menus, Millennials are very specific about how their event reflects who they are.  They demand their event to be as unique and festive as their personalities.

To Millennials, food is not only something that feeds your appetite, but a culture. People are taking photos and posting them on their social media, tagging the restaurants, traveling the world and recording their favorite eats on their food blogs. Exotic foods are popular for those who do not travel as much because it adds an adventurous spark to their experience.

Not only are young adults all about the experience and looks of the food, they are all about eating clean. Two-thirds of young adults are eating clean. So for millennials the food has to look good, taste good, be health friendly, and make sure they have a good experience while eating.

Baby boomers grew up eating meatloaf, potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  But baby boomers began to get involved with TV chefs, cookbooks and fitness trends and turned to healthy alternative.  As boomers are aging, they are more concerned with improving their overall health and well-being.  Boomers like fresh food, whole grains and alternatives to meat or beef. Boomers are part of a demographic who shop for locally grown vegetables and fresh fruit.

Here are some ideas that cater to all generations

  • Themes: Holiday parties are always a good theme. This helps people get into the holiday spirit while enjoying the food. Reindeer shaped cookies, eggnog cake, or even fun names like Oh Crawfish Tree, Oh Crawfish tree help set the theme for the holiday party.
  • Variety: Some people are meat lovers and others not so much. You wouldn’t want to make people feel left out, so make sure you provide food for everyone.
  • Main course vs Appetizers: Providing both is great. Everyone loves finger foods and that caters to the milllenials and their instant gratification. Main course meals are appreciated as well.
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