How to Make Your Graduation Party Unforgettable

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How to Make Your Graduation Party Unforgettable

Congratulations graduate! With four years of school over, it’s time to open the doors to the next chapter in your life. Such a milestone calls for an awesome event, so knowing how to plan a graduation party that will exceed your expectations will make this moment all that better. By taking initiative to secure your preferred vendors, dates, and miscellaneous details, you can create a fantastic party that your guests will love, with no stress at all. Here are some steps to take when planning your unforgettable graduation party.


Have A Budget

First thing’s first, create a budget that you are comfortable spending on your party.  Establishing a budget ahead of time will save you the trouble of fixating on items you can’t afford.  This will make narrowing your guest list easier as well. Think about your must-haves—do you have your heart set on entertainment or is the number of people invited the bigger priority? EBE Entertainment in Philadelphia has a variety of bands, DJs, and more to keep your party going!  Think about the ways you can lower the costs in other places. For instance, instead of sending printed invites, you can create your own unique e-vite that your guests will love.  You can use the money saved on things that you really want to have!


Have A Photo Booth

Photo opportunities are the best way to take your party to the next level. Setting up a photo booth can make for some great memories and give your guests a fun activity to do throughout the party. Check out Photobooth Events to rent your own booth and frame for your guests pictures. If renting one is not in your budget, set up your own with props like feather boas, giant sunglasses, and fake mustaches on sticks!  You can also create a photo album with the pictures taken and upload them to social media with a fun hashtag to share with guests.

Have Finger Foods

Finding the perfect food for your graduation party is key!  A sit-down meal may not be the best option to get the party going, but finger foods and buffet style could be the way to go. By including finger foods that are quick to eat, such as caprese skewers, bruschetta, pizza roll ups and meatballs (or anything on a stick!), guests will have more time to mingle and dance the night away.


Give Out Party Favors

Don’t let guests leave empty handed! Providing treats or goodie bags for your guests to take home from your party will remind them just how great it was. You can go the sentimental route and create personalized picture frames or tee shirts with your class year and school. You can also create bags filled with yummy sweets or you can even set up an interactive station where guests can create their own favors.  We have done parties with build your own donuts where guests can watch the donuts being made and add their own toppings.  Cinnamini donuts is a great food truck that will come to parties and make everything right in front of you.

Send Thank You Cards

Don’t forget to send out thank you cards to all guests that were in attendance to your party as well as to anyone that could not come but still sent a gift.  It is best to send these out within two to three weeks after the party. This simple gesture will make the guest feel like they impacted your party and that your special day would not have been the same without them.  A short, handwritten note is the best way to let your guests know that you appreciate them!

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