Host Your Own Oktoberfest Party!

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Host Your Own Oktoberfest Party!

Interested in hosting a party for your friends, family or coworkers in celebration of Oktoberfest?! Bought a bunch of potatoes and cabbage but no idea where to start?! Luckily there’s more to a party like this than just sauerkraut and beer! Tasty Table is here to help you come up with the best food, drinks and decor a good Oktoberfest party needs.

Despite the importance of beer, food is definitely an integral part of any good Oktoberfest celebration. There’s a variety of Oktoberfest-specific meals that can be served, ranging from roasted chicken to your typical meat variety. Pretzels are an important part of the german culture, and pairs great with a couple of good heavy pints. Bavarian pretzels, along with cheese delicacy obatzda is considered a generic starter. If acquiring these is a difficulty, harder pretzels like sourdough or special dark work surprisingly well and can be purchased almost anywhere. The same can be said about a delicious cheese dip!

OKTOBERFEST!As far as a dinner is concerned, sausages and roasted chicken make the perfect standard fare. If you’re not a big fan of bratwurst, try knakcwurst or thuringer. If you’re not a fan of any of these, the roasted chicken is another effective route. Pair your entree with sides like german potato salad, red cabbage or sauerkraut, and boiled potatoes. Most of the side dishes and accompanying pieces are all very heavy, filling foods, which might or might not pair well with the beer you’re interested in serving. If you’re looking for the silver linings, heavier foods will easily “soak up” the alcohol you’re intent on ingesting during the celebration and hopefully help keep you closer to sober!

The beer is perhaps the most important part of any Oktoberfest celebration. Not only is the beverage itself sacred, but even the type of drinking container you utilize makes a big difference. Proper german etiquette utilizes glassware ranging from tall glass mugs with handles, elaborate beer steins and mugs, and stoneware mugs and wine glasses as well. You’re welcome to get as creative as you’d like with this part, but customizable beer steins and custom mugs add a touch of individuality and creativity to your party that your guests will never forget.

According to an article on Backyard Oktoberfest, a website dedicated to perfecting the perfect Oktoberfest party, there’s only 6 breweries in Germany responsible for brewing the official beer of Oktoberfest in Munich: AugustinerHacker-PschorrHofbräuLöwenbräuPaulaner and Spaten. Acquiring this beer might be difficult, since some of these breweries do not ship their Oktoberfest beers worldwide. Luckily, there’s hundreds of US breweries both emulating the flavors they’ve experienced at these breweries. That, or they’ve concocted a flavor you might appeal to or that your guests might be interested in. It’s up to you to make a decision as to which kinds of delicious beers you’d like to enjoy!

Hopefully this information will help you come up with the perfect backyard celebration for Oktoberfest. Germany’s greatest important may be their affinity for alcohol, so celebrating a holiday like this should definitely be enjoyed responsibly. Once again, check out Backyard Oktoberfest for more tips and an effective checklist on how to throw the ultimate Oktoberfest party. If you’re looking for help with the food, we’re capable and willing to explore any sort of Oktoberfest menu with you in your events in Philadelphia, on the Main Line, or anywhere near areas like King of Prussia or Wilmington, Delaware.

Happy Oktoberfest!

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