Five Reasons Why Winter is the Best Wedding Season

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Five Reasons Why Winter is the Best Wedding Season

One of the greatest advantages of living in the Northeast is the picturesque winters that set the scene for the holidays each year. The festive decorations and warm fireside gatherings form the perfect contrast to the cold and snow. This time of year also presents a unique opportunity for those planning to get married. The winter months feature a number of advantages that are often overlooked by couples surveying the calendar for the perfect date.

At Tasty Table Catering, we’ve been a part of many winter weddings done right. Here are five reasons why the winter season is like no other.

1. It’s the Most Wonderful (and Affordable) Time of Year

Besides playing host to the holidays in December, winter also features the most affordable months to hold a wedding out of any season. According to, the months of January, February, and March are typically the cheapest for hosting wedding ceremonies, especially in the Northeast where weather can play a factor.

For those willing to embrace the possibility of snow in the forecast, there are many benefits in terms of cost and savings. In addition to lowered prices at many reception venues, hotels may also offer better deals for family and friends in the early months of the new year. A winter wedding may be the best option for couples looking to spend less on their ceremony, or for those hoping to invest elsewhere in areas such as catering or reception size.

To account for the possibility of snow, it’s important to choose a venue with a contingency plan for any activities planned in outdoor locations. Making sure that the site is accessible to guests from their hotel is also a vital precaution in the case that transportation becomes difficult.

2. Winter Décor Makes for a Festive and Cozy Backdrop

Another advantage of the winter wedding season is the décor that sets the stage for the ceremony and reception. Incorporating seasonal furnishings, such as fir foliage, poinsettias, and pinecones, can help to create a festive and cheery atmosphere. White table settings and centerpieces are also a great option for a cleaner and simpler approach.

Tasty Table Catering (Pinecones are a great decoration to add to your winter wedding décor)

Adding candles and holiday lights can help to achieve a cozy, low-light warmth to contrast the frigid temperatures outside, while selecting a rustic reception venue, such as a barn or lodge, will help to enhance this warm aesthetic.

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3. A Seasonal Selection of Menu Items Will Liven Up Any Reception

While the summer months may encourage menus built around lighter meals, the winter is a time to serve hardy and filling courses that leave guests satisfied. Seasonal hor d’oeuvres, appetizers, and entrees provide another opportunity to embrace the unique offerings of the winter months.

Tasty Table Catering (Carrots and other seasonal vegetables are winter wedding staples)

Some winter favorites include filet mignon with a side of au gratin potatoes or prime rib of beef with bacon chive cheddar mashed potatoes. Incorporating seasonal vegetables to compliment main dish will also help to add extra flavor.

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4. Winter Cocktails Will Keep Guests Happy and Warm

Another great way to incorporate seasonal flavors into your reception plans is to offer winter cocktails at the bar. Whiskey-based classics like the manhattan and the old fashioned are built for the colder months, while fresh newcomers like this spiced pear cocktail or the hot buttered whiskey cider will become fast favorites.

Tasty Table Catering (Seasonal beers are another great option to add to the bar menu)

Seasonal wines and beers are also plentiful, making it easy to stock the bar with a variety of options to fit every guest’s tastes.

5. Winter Weddings Break Conventions and Provide a Memorable Experience

For the more seasoned wedding guests, ceremonies set in the summer, spring, and fall have likely been a common occurrence. It’s easy for memories of a special day to become lost amidst a sea of similar celebrations. Although garden and beach weddings are nice, winter provides the opportunity to break conventions and make a lasting impression.

Tasty Table Catering (Make your wedding memorable with the backdrop of a winter landscape)

Wedding photos taken with the backdrop of a scenic winter countryside, or a fur cover-up on the bride’s gown, add an unconventional twist to long-kept traditions, while a reception that carries over the joy of the holidays will be sure to leave guests with a fond recollection.

Planning a winter wedding? What are some of the your favorite perks of the season? Leave a comment below!

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