Five Ways To Show Them You Care – Employee Appreciation Luncheon

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Five Ways To Show Them You Care – Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Employees are the backbone of any industry.  They work diligently and build your brand into the powerhouse that it has become.  You want to show your appreciation.  An Employee Appreciation Luncheon is just the way!  Tasty Table Catering has the background and experience to show your team how much you care!

There are many way to show appreciation.  Happy employees, who feel appreciated for the hard work that they contribute to your business, increases employee retention.  Employee retention is one of the best ways to keep down costs and develop employees who will be loyal to you and your brand.

1.  Have A Theme

Tasty Table Catering would love to assist in you developing a theme for your event.  The theme could simply be “Thank You”.

2.  Get the Team Involved

It’s always a good idea to ask employee for their input.  This is true whether you are making changes to the programs that they use on a daily basis, or when planning an employee appreciation event.  This way, your employees will feel like you respect and care about their opinion.  Tasty Table Catering will be there to guide them through this process to ensure they are treated as a valuable part of the team, when planning the event to celebrate their dedication.

3.  Develop Food Stations Personalized For Your Staff

You know your employees.  And by including them in the decision making process,  we can assistin developing food stations that will please your diverse workplace.  Food stations are the latest craze.  You can have simply a Pizza Station and Fry Station, or to ensure every dietary need is accommodated, you can include platters for vegans and sushi.  Tasty Table Catering is able to fulfill all your needs.

4.  Games and Prizes

You need to make sure the event is really fun.  You should include games and prizes.   Adults love games as much as children.  You can include gift cards from Tasty Table Catering, as well as other businesses.  This forum can be used to give our certificates for those extra special employees to acknowledge their extra effort.  This motivates other employees to push themselves to compete.

5.  Finalize Your Menu and Let the Games Begin!

Once you have finalized your menu, from our vast array of scrumptious and delectable foodstuffs, sit back and let your employees enjoy the fun.  Your employees will feel appreciated.   You want your employees to talk about how much they enjoyed their day, and look forward to Employee Appreciation Day next year.   We’d love to cater your event and help ensure your employees feel appreciated!

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