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Why you’ll love working with us:

  • Our employees have most nights & weekends off (unless you’re looking to make some extra $$$!).
  • 100% discount on food during your work day. Nothing beats a free lunch, and our employees are welcome to enjoy every working day.
  • Flexible hours – We can work out the best schedule for you. We’ll work with you, whether you want to start early or stay late!
  • We pay our employees a minimum of 25% above industry standard – with plenty of opportunities for bonuses, promotions and raises.
  • Strong teamwork ethic – You’ll be working with a team of industry professionals who maintain high standards and have fun doing so.
  • We’re closed on major holidays, and we understand that it’s important to spend time with loved ones during these days.
  • We provide our sales team with incentive bonuses for their hard work. When Tasty Table succeeds, our team succeeds!
  • Tasty Table Catering is an awesome learning opportunity. Enhance your resume with new culinary and catering skills, as well as potential management and leadership skills that employers love!

Types of jobs we offer:

The individual should have basic elements of off-premise catering mastered, with knowledge of event layout, staffing per quest per type of dinner, rentals pre and post event. This person is key in getting our next client and therefore, knows that guests at the event are likely to be our next client, so work the floor with professional grace.

This position deals directly with our customer affairs and preparing the products for delivery by ensuring all paper products have been packed. The associate while delivering products informs clients on new products and also communicates with the management clients concerns to drive the company forward.

The individual must have mastered the requirement of an event planner, knowing all the intricate details of a major wedding event. This person will captain all their events to ensure timeliness of execution and complete client customer satisfaction. The ability to develop relationship with industry associates is key to getting to the next level.

With our current growth our needs in this area continues to grow monthly. Regardless of your employment status interest (full time, part time or just events), we’d like to hear from you. During the interview you will be evaluated for culinary skills, professional presentation capabilities and leadership to run an entire event…don’t be discourage, if selected to be a support member there is always growth and it probably means you just have to learn our systems for a few months.

We are always looking for professional staff that knows how work and event and banquet room, the ideal person will have had several years in a restaurant setting or with another caterer or country club. Eager new staff looking to break into the server roles can enrolled into our 3 event Buser to Server training program. All bartenders must have degree and be TIPS certified.

What We Do

We start our day early to prepare delicious foods and displays for any and all events. Each of our orders is hand-delivered by our staff and we take pride in every level of presentation. We work quickly and accurately so that our customers can see how serious we are about catering. We train our employees on building each arrangement and recipe with speed and ease. We are enthusiastic about making a lasting impact and over-exceeding expectations for every customer we have. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Ready to apply? Fill out the form below and include your resume for consideration.

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