How to Celebrate National Tequila Day!

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How to Celebrate National Tequila Day!

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As a marketing writer, I’m inclined to avoid writing in the first person when composing a blog that pertains to a specific, professional topic, which in our case is usually food or event-based. However, today I had to break the rules when introducing this list of links, so that I could announce it proudly: I love tequila. Although it’s difficult to find the origin of this holiday, I still couldn’t pass up an opportunity to write about such a sacred day (to me).

I’ve found my drink of choice in the simplicity of a two ingredient cocktail: Tequila and lemonade. A simple concoction where the deliciousness comes from your mixer. You can’t go wrong by picking your favorite type of lemonade with your favorite brand of tequila. (If you’re feeling creative, garnish with a lemon or lime.) I discovered this drink through a friend while hanging out at Kildare’s of West Chester one night, and it’s been my go-to so often that the bartenders there know exactly what I want when I walk in on a weekend. I couldn’t tell you where they get their lemonade that makes it stand out above the rest, but my pseudo-Margarita isn’t exactly the point of this blog post, is it?

In honor of National Tequila Day, I’ve composed a list of great links to find ways to utilize tequila today and celebrate accordingly. You can drink it straight if you’re into that, or take a look at one of the lists below to find the perfect margarita or tequila-centric cocktail to celebrate the day with. If you’re hungry for something with a bit of kick, there’s a a variety of different ways to utilize tequila as an important ingredient. We even have a catering package combining a tequila and lime flavor to our fresh chicken and shrimp. Don’t feel like doing anything? I’ve got a couple of tequila bars that will most definitely be celebrating today.

Happy holidays!

1. Learn about your favorite liqour

2. Make yourself the perfect Margarita

3. Try a new recipe with tequila as an ingredient

4. Check out a local tequila bar around Philadelphia & Main Line!

5. Offer to be a DD to anyone ‘celebrating’ today!

  • No important bullet points to list here, but if you or someone you know is enjoying their National Tequila Day, don’t let them get behind the wheel! Your offer to withstand sobriety on a holiday as intoxicating as this can save a life. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.
  • Download Lyft or Uber for your Smartphone before an evening out, or designate a ride home with a friend or relative.

Enjoy your day, and we’ll see you in February for National Margarita Day!

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